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NTT System is Poland’s leading distributor of consumer electronics such as laptops, tablets and game consoles. Moreover we produce desktop computers marketed under the firm’s own brand but also under different private labels. Furthermore we are a leading distributor of accessories, components and peripheral devices on the local market. We are mostly specialized in:

  • HP

With over 20 years of operation in the IT market, NTT System ranks as one of the industry’s most experienced companies. Established in Singapore in the mid-1980s, the firm has – as so many other companies of the IT sector – grown from a small outfit to a cutting-edge conglomerate. The Company was listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in April 2007.

In addition to its headquarters in Warsaw and the assembly plant with logistics and storage facilities in Zakręt. A carefully planned strategy has positioned NTT System for continuous growth, with revenues increasing steadily year-on-year since the Company’s inception.

An undisputed leader of the Polish desktop computer market, NTT System builds its success on the know-how and experience derived from years of cooperation with the world’s biggest companies. These strengths are leveraged to provide clients and business partners with customized integrated solutions.

NTT Systems has forged close relationships with suppliers of top quality components. These include Intel, Microsoft, AMD, VIA Technologies, Gigabyte, Asus, MSI, Samsung Electronics, Hyundai, Hynix, NEC, LG, Siemens,to mention but a few of the industry’s leading names. The Company combines its own experience with that of its partners to deliver final products to a wide range of clients, from corporations through institutions to individuals.

The Company’s dedication to top quality is displayed throughout all its products, services (warranty and post-warranty) and controls. In 1997 NTT System obtained an ISO 9001:1996 quality certificate, being one of the first companies in the Polish IT sector to receive such certification. This was followed by the successful implementation of an integrated management system requiring compliance with PN-EN ISO 9001:2001 and PN-EN ISO 14001:2005 (as confirmed by the certificate No S-108/3/2006). Parallely we produce our desktop PCs and servers in compliance with TUV, EPEAT and Energy Star requirements.

If you would have any questions for us or would like to start a cooperation please send us an email: export(at) or call us at +48227736388

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NTT System S.A. Zakręt ul. Trakt Brzeski 89, 05-077 Warszawa-Wesoła, Tel.: (22) 773 62 00, 773 62 98, 760 73 30, fax: (22) 773 62 99

Firma NTT System S.A. uplasowała się
na 50 pozycji w kategorii „Pracodawca IT”

NIP: 113-25-184-15
KRS: 0000220535
Sąd Rej. m. st. Warszawy, XIV Wydz. Gosp. KRS
Numer Rejestrowy BDO: 000000216
Kapitał zakładowy: 83 100 000,00 zł
(opłacony w całości)